Breakout A card case is shown empty with a hole cut out through the front. Any card is selected and signed by the spectator. The card is lost inside the pack and shuffled thoroughly.

Next, the cards are placed back inside the card case. Through the hole the spectator can clearly see the top card of the pack. With just a wave of the hand and under truly impossible conditions, the TOP card INSIDE the card case VISUALLY changes into the spectator's selection! Through the hole the card with their initials can now be seen!

Now for the final kicker: with just a shake of the card case the signed selection visually LEAPS right THROUGH the hole of the card case!

This AMAZING routine from the creative mind of Peter Eggink is eye candy of the highest calibre. "Breakout" is an amazing closer for your ACR, or just great as a stand alone effect.

The effect comes complete with a high quality hand crafted card case and gimmick. Use your own deck of cards.


  • EASY to do
  • NO palming
  • VISUALLY stunning
  • RESET in seconds
  • NO hinges or flaps